Systemic Change: Poverty and Education Policy

I love Twitter because it is a nonstop newsfeed of great articles and op-eds.  Recently, @LarryFerlazzo tweeted a must-read op-ed posted in the New York Times today titled, “Class Matters:  Why Won’t We Admit It?”  It brought poverty to the forefront–the root cause in why so many students from low-income backgrounds perform poorly in schools.  It went further to discuss how schools and policymakers should not ignore poverty, but come up with ways to address it.  Below is  the kicker:

‎Yes, we need to make sure that all children, and particularly disadvantaged children, have access to good schools, as defined by the quality of teachers and principals and of internal policies and practices.

But let’s not pretend that family background does not matter and can be overlooked. Let’s agree that we know a lot about how to address the ways in which poverty undermines student learning. Whether we choose to face up to that reality is ultimately a moral question.

Read the entire article here.

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