About the Blog

At an early age, I dedicated my life to fighting for quality public education.  I knew it needed reform as I helplessly watched it fail my peers. There was little I could do about it as a child.  But I knew if I made it out of my neighborhood, I would never stop fighting for all children–no matter where they grow up–to have equal opportunity to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Now, as an adult, the public education sector is finally getting the national attention it needed long ago.  Some changes such as the push for community schools and wraparound services excite me.  Other changes such as high-stakes testing tied to teacher evaluations without the proper emphasis on professional development and support infuriate me. 

I created this blog to help me maintain the youthful optimism I had in wanting to fix our nation’s schools as a teeny bopper.  Additionally, I aim to use this blog to elevate my voice in an attempt to represent the students that I grew up with and those that I teach or have taught.   Lastly, I want to connect with other like-minded individuals who believe that all children have the right to fulfill their purpose in life through self-discovery birthed by a supportive community and quality education.

Working in public schools has taught me a great deal.  It has also given me a lot of insight into the nasty politics of public schools.   In this blog you can expect my opinions on national, state, and local educational issues.  You can expect to feel my passion, experience my setbacks, but most of all you will gain a window seat into why I have undying hope.

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